Maya Nikolova
25 January 2024

Benefits of Annual Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

Dirt attracts dirt, making annual furniture and carpet cleaning a must. But how often should you bring in the professionals to sanitise your space? We recommend annual professional carpet and furniture cleaning, and more frequent treatments for high-traffic homes and businesses. This ensures a healthier space for you, your family, guests and clients. Not sure if an annual cleaning is worth it? Here are just a few benefits you can expect to see when you invest in yearly professional cleaning services.

  • Healthier home/business. Germs, allergens, bacteria and other minuscule annoyances cling to carpets and other fabric-covered areas. These microscopic pests can cause breathing difficulties for at-risk individuals such as children, elderly, immunocompromised and ill individuals. No carpet? Germ and other tiny invaders can still be found on other fabric-covered areas like furniture. Annual cleaning will remove these problems, eliminating the health risk they cause.
  • Improved aesthetics. Nothing looks nice when it’s covered in a layer of dirt and grime. Say goodbye to stains and odours — annual cleaning improves the appearance of furniture and carpets so that you can take pride in having people over instead of worrying about how to hide that ugly stain on the couch.
  • Reduced expenditures. It seems counterintuitive but paying for annual cleaning will save you money in the long run. Cleaning dirty furniture and carpets is vastly more economical than replacing them.
  • Sanitisation. Surface cleaning is only one step of the process — if you truly want your home and business to look and feel like new then sanitisation is key. Annual professional cleaning will not only make your furniture and carpets look nicer, the process will also make your home and business more sanitary.
  • Extended carpet/furniture life. You spent a lot on that carpet or furniture, so don’t let that investment go to waste. An annual cleaning will go a long way toward protecting your furniture and floors, drastically reducing any need for replacement. Our skilled technicians also offer fabric protection to further the life of your carpet and furniture.
  • Keep pests away. You may like your clean home, but pests sure don’t. Annual cleaning is a great way to keep your space from being overrun by annoying or dangerous pests. Hiring a professional will also ensure that your home or business is sanitised, eliminating many of the health risks associated with pests.