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Call us for your pest management plans and prevention strategies to treat carpet beetle, cockroaches, fleas, ants, rats, mice, spiders, silverfish and fire ants.

Unfortunately for home and business owners, insects and other pests are drawn to buildings for warmth, food and shelter. While pests are more often found in homes, commercial buildings aren’t immune to outbreaks. And while they are more common in warm, moist areas with ready access to a food source, pest infestations can occur anywhere.
In this case, the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” does not apply. Pests are sneaky — just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. In fact, by the time you begin to notice pests it’s likely that you already have a huge issue on your hands.
Annual cleaning and sanitisation is a useful preventative measure that limits the food supply for some pests like mice and rats and can entirely remove others. However, simply cleaning your home or business will not eliminate pests if there is an infestation! Pest technicians inspect your home and business, finding and eliminating pests in place you might not even think to look and giving you peace of mind.
Just like annual furniture and carpet cleaning, annual pest inspections are beneficial for homes and businesses. Professional pest management services not only resolve pest infestations, they also put preventative measures in place to limit potential outbreaks.
We at Good Call Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management are happy to offer customised pest management plans to ensure that you receive the treatments and prevention that’s perfect for your home or business.

Rental Bond Exit Lease Pest Control Flea Treatments

Exiting a rental property? Ensuring a full bond refund demands attention to every detail. Landlords and real estate property managers often require professional pest control, including for fleas, as part of the lease agreement. Book a professional end of lease pest control treatments or flea treatment with Peter at Good Call to ensure a seamless exit without forfeiting your deposit.

What You’re Up Against: Commonly Encountered Pests

Pests are a common nuisance in nearly every household and business across Australia. While it’s important to engage professional help when dealing with pests, knowing what you might encounter is equally important. Good Call Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management is equipped to target common pests such as:

-Carpet Beetles: True to their name, carpet beetles can often be found consuming the natural fibres of your carpet, creating unsightly bare patches. Carpet beetles are drawn to natural fabrics, which means that your upholstery and clothing are also at risk.
-Carpet Moths: Like carpet beetles, carpet moths are textile pests usually found in dark areas or under furniture. You might be able to see them hopping around the carpet or notice their egg cases behind furniture. No natural fibres are safe from these pests.
-Cockroaches: Roaches are well-known for carrying bacteria and germs and for being incredibly sneaky and resourceful. It’s important to keep things tidy or risk creating attractive hiding areas for these pests. An infestation of roaches can be dangerous for individuals with allergies, asthma or compromised immune systems, as they can be affected by roach saliva, feces and shells.
-Spiders: Spiders and their webs are often found in out-of-the-way areas such as corners, ceilings and light fixtures. Some spiders are no more than nuisances, though there are several species that can be dangerous.
-Ants/Fire Ants: Ants are social creatures; if you see one, you can bet there are thousands more just out of sight. While not inherently dangerous, ants can become a problem due to their sheer numbers. Some species of ants can cause structural damage to homes while others, like the invasive fire ant, have painful bites.
-Fleas: These pests can be common when pets are present, though buildings infested with rodents may see an increase in fleas as well. Flea bites can cause itchiness, allergic reactions and bacterial infections.
-Silverfish: Named for their silver colour and fish-like movements, these pests are harmless to people, although the same can’t be said for books, papers, walls and fibrous items like carpets and clothing.
-Rats/mice: There are several species of rodents that make their homes in our homes. The black rat, brown rat and house mouse may burrow into walls or cupboards where they can nest. Signs of rodent infestations might include droppings, chewed or nibbled items and holes. Rodents can carry bacteria, germs, viruses and even other pests that might infest your home, making sanitisation incredibly important.

Benefits of Annual Pest Inspections

No one likes an infestation of pests — so why wait until the problem gets bad? Annual pest inspections not only eliminate pest infestations and sanitise your building, they can also be used to create a barrier around your home that will lessen the chance of future infestations. There are many benefits that come with hiring a professional company to perform annual pest inspections for your property.

-Live a pest-free life. Perhaps the greatest benefit that comes with annual pest inspections is the decreased likelihood of a pest invasion.
-Create a schedule that works for you. While infestations hardly ever happen when convenient, the same can’t be said for pest inspections. Scheduling annual pest inspections allows you to care for your property on your terms.
-Save money in the long term. Emergency response to pest infestation often carries a hefty price tag. Investing in annual pest inspections can actually be better for your wallet in the long run.
-Protect your home, family, business and customers. If you want to protect your home or business from structural damage and keep your family or customers safe from the health risks that many pests pose, there is no better way to do so than with annual pest inspections. Yearly inspections will ensure that you identify and neutralise issues before they become expensive, dangerous problems. Our team at Good Call Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management ensures your property is protected.

We know you aren’t happy when there are pests afoot — that’s why we’re here to help! Invest in preventative measures with our pest management services today. If you’re already plagued by pests, we can take care of infestations so that you can return to normal life. Good Call Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management offers a variety of plans and prevention strategies as well as licensed pest technicians who will perform warranty-covered walk-throughs, inspections and treatments of your property. If you’re in the Redlands, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich or Caboolture areas, we can help make your home or business a healthier, safer and happier space.